Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Bag Wishlist

The Kindle/EReader sling bag from ElisaLou is perfect for toting! I need this as I take my Kindle everywhere. It fits in my purse, but it really should have it's own space-don't you think? $40

This makeup bag combines two of my favorite things-Chevron Patterns and the color lime! Madimaydesign offers this bag that you can customize. Choose from a canvas lining ($18.95) or a waterproof lining ($20.95) and choose your favorite zipper color!

I love weekender bags as I like to visit my mom for the weekend as often as I can. I don't need a huge bag, and a tote bag is too small. The weekender is perfect-especially this really cute Gray Polka Dot and Teal bag from SeptemberSkye. $58

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretty Paper

Notecards make wonderful gifts-especially if they're personalized and preppy! I'm loving these Preppy Ladybug notecards from Preppy Princess in Green Retreat. Set of 12 cards $20.

Looking for something unique to send to someone for their special day? Take a look at Flying Wish Paper. I love this mini kit which includes:

15 sheets of Wish Paper - in RED.
5 Wish Platforms - the Birthday Birdy platform card looks just like the packaging...playful primary colors on a grey polka dot background. Each Wish Platform can be used three times.
Pencil – 1 little pencil in gold
Instructions – easy details and photos
Matches not included

Take your wish paper, write down your wish, light it and watch it fly. Very cool! (Obviously, children should always be supervised and let mom and dad handle the matches)

This notebook is so cute! Choose your favorite rain boot pattern and personalize it at Ink Spot Workshop. A 5x7 notebook is $19.50 and 8x10 is $23. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Pet Love

This looks just like my sweet tabby, Mia curled up in her bed by the fire! The sleeping cat pendant is one of many decoupaged delights at retropage! $20

Super adorable notecard sets for the cat or dog lover from Meri Meri. $22

A pretty  paw picture frame great for your cat or dog loving friend. Choose from several colors, and personalize with the pet's name. A great gift-from The Dahl House. Starting at $36. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cute Jewelry

Be mesmerized by these moonstone and gold earrings from ShopClementine-Etsy. $47

Wear your heart on your wrist with this lovely bracelet from JewelryByMaeBee. $24

Feel like you're closer to Spring with these beautiful cherry blossom earrings from blockpartypress. $35

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Day Ideas

Before we know it, it will be wedding season once again! Here are some ideas that I thought would add a little something to your special day!

Guestbooks are kind of boring-especially since there are so many alternatives. Want to know how many times I have looked at my wedding guest book since the wedding? Yep-zero. I would enjoy it more if the guestbook pages were like this: Fill-In-The-Blank Guestbook pages from tedzeppelynn. You get the PDF to print out and create your own unique book to enjoy for years to come! $22

These are really cute for your Save The Dates. A personalized stamp which marks the date with a heart! Find this and lots of other really fun stamps at stampcouture on Etsy! $39.95

I've been watching Say Yes to The Dress lately, and I love it when their family is on the fence about their dress and they "jack them up." Which really just means they add some bling! This satin sash from Jenna Lou is beautiful, girly and comes in lots of different colors to add even more uniqueness to your wedding gown. $65

Friday, January 10, 2014

Housewarming or Hostess Ideas

I think that this fabric plant is the perfect gift, especially for someone like me who couldn't keep a plant alive if her life depended on it!This is super neat- janejoss at Etsy offers wreaths with fabric leaves as well as other cute arrangements. I thought that this one would make a great housewarming gift. It would even be pretty to bring to a co-worker to brighten up their office space! $18

 For your favorite hostess, perhaps a pretty apron to make them feel more like a stylish Martha Stewart! Find this and many more at decorativeinstincts on Etsy. This one is sassy and colorful. $45

A bottle of wine and a beautiful decorative wine stopper make a great hostess gift. Stop by hobknobin on Etsy. You can even find a "manly" wine stopper for your favorite male host! The colors are so fun in this shop! $12.50

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentine's For Her

Although there are probably zero guys who read this blog (with the exception of my dad occasionally), maybe you can casually leave this up on your computer while hitting your significant other in the head with it! Here are some items I would be delighted to receive for Valentine's Day:

Soma is one of my new favorite places! I happened into a store in Sarasota and found the best fitting bras that I have ever worn-even better, in my opinion, than Wacoal. Anyway, they also have a large selection of clothing and nightgowns. This one caught my eye-the Geo Scallop Lace Chemise. $69 (When in doubt, a gift card works too)

This beautiful heart pendant is one of the many great things you can find on Etsy, and just perfect for your Valentine! Find this and so much more at CopperGuppy. $35

I love bath and body products, and I loved the packaging for these goodies from LongLeafSoaps (Etsy, where else?). My wishlist includes the Coconut Lime Verbena Sugar Scrub cubes ($8.50) and the Be Mine Lotion Bar ($3.50) Choose several items, and they will wrap it up for you for $5. Great for the guy who can't be bothered with wrapping paper or gift bags!